The circular bioeconomy of Alce Nero organic supply chains


Abstract: Organic farming practices protect local biodiversity by avoiding synthetic plant
protect products and fertilisers in the production process. However, organic farming can do
more to reduce its impact on the environment and support biodiversity conservation. Alce Nero, an Italian distributor of organic products, aims to evaluate its impact on the entire supply chain. Thanks to a project financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests (MASAF), Alce Nero is about to start a project that allows the monitoring of the sustainability of the organic supply chain of some of its main products. Six farms spread over Italy will be involved. On the one hand monitoring of functional biodiversity will be performed on the farms in order to adapt management practices to optimise ecosystem services provided by the on-farm biodiversity. On the other hand, supply chain impact on CO2 emissions and water use will be monitored.

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