The community composition of ladybirds (Coccinellidae) occurring in three vineyards in Tuscany (Italy)


Abstract: The ladybird communities were investigated in three differently managed vineyards of the province of Pisa (Tuscany, Italy), two of which were organic. A total of 4,057 specimens were captured in 2012 and 866 in 2013, all belonging to the subfamilies of Scymninae, Coccinellinae, Coccidulinae and Chilocorinae. The ladybird community was analysed on the base of the simple species composition as well as of the trophic guild to whom they belonged. Scymninae and Coccinellinae were the most represented subfamilies. Aphidophagous components of the community were the highest everywhere, followed by the species feeding on coccids, fungi and mites. The analysis based on the community functional biodiversity was better in discriminating different vineyards then the one based on species diversity. The two organic vineyards showed a higher potentiality to host a high number of species and a complex community structure. Coccid predators were predominant in the conventional vineyard.

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