The CORK® mark and the safeguard of cork oak forest sustainability


Abstract: The importance of industrial products, most particularly the cork stopper, is a backboneof cork oak forest sustainability. A depreciation of the economical value of the cork stopperwould trigger the decline of cork oak forests and all their irreplaceable environmental values.Cork is one of the finest barks at the forest realm; however most of its uses are inconspicuous. Inspite that cork and cork products are environmentally friendly, an increasing concurrence is ongoing with synthetics, especially for the stoppers. The need to defend and promote cork and all itsecological values near the consumers drove the cork oak network from FAO/Silva Mediterraneato promote the creation of the CORK® mark. The aim of presence of the CORK® mark logo onwine bottles is to make the stopper “visible” and allow the consumer to identify the type ofclosure. Discrimination of wines at the basis of natural/synthetic closure is an added value forcork oak forests as well as for wines.

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