The effect of cultural practices on severity of strawberry root rotand petiole blight


Abstract: The strawberry root rot and petiole blight caused by Gnomonia fragariae Kleb. is awidespread and severe disease in perennial strawberry cultivation in Latvia. However, theepidemiology and control measures of the disease are poorly studied. The effect of differentcombinations of cultivars, soil mulching and cover on severity of strawberry root rot and petioleblight has been investigated in two field trials. Plants were evaluated by scoring disease severityand formation of fruiting bodies of the pathogen for two growing seasons during years 2009 and2010. The results showed significant influence of the soil mulching, cover and cultivar on thedisease severity and formation of pathogen fruiting bodies. The obtained results suggest thatmanaging of cultural practices could give the possibility to reduce the severity of strawberry rootrot and petiole blight.

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