The genus Paragus Latreille (Diptera Syrphidae), a useful bioindicator in the vineyards


Abstract: We studied for two consecutive years the community structure of the Syrphid populations in three vineyards, observing the suitability of this family in discriminating the different sites. We also focused our attention on the community structure of the species belonging to the genus Paragus Latreille, which is the dominant taxon in the Hoverflies’ population. The community structure of the Paragus species complex was able to discriminate the different environmental situations, while all the Syrphid species complex did not it. Many species of Syrphids show a high flight ability, which allow them to cover vast areas, rapidly colonizing or recolonizing stressed habitats from surrounding, as well as from long distances and this probably explain the homogeneity among the population occurring in the three different vineyards. As far as we know, the species of the genus Paragus are associated to aphid populations living on roots and on wood plants, so that they are more strictly linked to structural vegetal components of the habitat.

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