The importance of application time, for the control of eriophyid mites, in olive orchard


Abstract: Many species of Acari: Eriophyidae have been found in Greek olive orchards. OliveEriophyid mites are extremely small. They average in length from 0.1 to 0.2mm and are yellow incolour, flattened and pear-shaped. Seven Eriophyid species, make damage the olive trees inGreece, and four of these (Aceria oleae, Oxycenus maxwelli, Tegalophus hassani and Ditrimacusathiasellus) are common in almost all olive-growing regions of Greece. It is difficult to estimatethe amount and type of injury which is caused by each different species because they occur inmixed populations and have similar feeding habits. In this work it is confirmed that the sulphur,and abamectin are effective means against olive eriophyid mites. Also the effectiveness of thesemeans depends on the time of application (timing). The effectiveness of used plant-protectionproducts was increased in the first application, at the time of the emergence of flower buds thanthe beginning of the blossoming and in the second application, at the time of the end of blossomthan the time of the young fruits (0.5mm of diameter).

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