The oak gall-wasps in North Africa: interesting and dangerous species (Hym.: Cynipidae)


Abstract: This paper presents a provisional list of North African oak gall-wasps collected duringseveral years by different research teams. Collects were carried out on different oak species(Quercus. suber, Q. coccifera, Q. ilex, Q. canariensis et Q. faginea, and on two hybrids:Q. afares (Q. suber x Q. canariensis) and Q. kabylica (Q. suber x Q. afares). Several species ofCynipidae belonging to Andricus, Biorhiza, Callirhytis, Cynips, Neuroterus, Plagiotrochus andSynophrus genera were found. Data concerning the main species are examined and specificdiversity of each country is displayed. We underline the presence of Neuroterus minutulus on ahost different from Q. cerris and the presence of Neuroterus saltans on Q. afares andQ. kabylica. We note the occurence of two dangerous species (Callirhytis rufescens on Q. suberand Q. faginea, and Plagiotrochus amenti on Q. suber), and that of three potentially dangerousspecies (Andricus grassulariae, A. pseudoinflator / inflator and A. pictus) . Finally, new data aregiven on the host of Synophrus species.

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