The possibility to control the big bud mite (Cecidophyopsis ribis Westw.) on blackcurrant in Poland with a new active ingredient spirotetramat (Movento 100 SC)


Abstract: Blackcurrant is commonly grown horticultural crop in Poland. The most important pest of this crop in many regions of the country is big bud mite Cecidophyopsis ribis. This pest can harm numerous buds, on some plantation even more than 50-60% may become damaged. The pest was noted on almost all grown cultivars, but currently some new resistant varieties came up on the polish market. At present, big bud mite is a pest which needs to be controlled on most blackcurrant plantations in the country, however there are no registered acaricides. Previous experiments with the use of sulphur (Siarkol 80 WP), fenpiroxymate (Ortus 05 SC) and propargite (Omite 570 EW) have shown good efficacy in the control of mites. For the last years the efficiency of new product, Movento 100 SC (spirotetramat) in big bud mite control was studied. Movento 100 SC was used once at the rate 0.6 l/ha and at the rate 0.7 l/ha about 2 weeks before expecting blossom as well as applied twice at the two mentioned rates (0.6 and 0.7 l/ha) 2 weeks before expecting blossom and just after blossom. In all treatments times Movento 100 SC showed promising results in the reduction of the number of buds affected by the big bud mite. Based on newest ecotox profile of Movento 100 SC, product will be registered as 1-2 applications after blossom. This product will be helpful to control the big bud mite in integrated fruit production.

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