The potential for integration of insecticidal botanical products with other control methods for stored grain protection against insect infestation and damage in Nigeria


Abstract: Food grains, mainly cereals and legumes, are major dietary staples in Nigeria, but are often greatly damaged by insects during storage. Traditional use of botanicals for stored products protection against insect damage is common but not very effective.Research studies conducted in Nigeria involving combining insecticidal botanical products with other non-chemical methods for increased efficacy in insect control in stored grain are therefore reviewed. Admixtures of botanicals and combinations of botanicals with grain resistance, heat and solarisation, diatomaceous earths, modified atmospheres, and pathogens and other biological insecticides and conventional insecticides were considered. It is suggested that use of cocktails of insecticidal botanicals or their combination with other eco-friendly methods in three-tiered or more systems may greatly improve their efficacy against stored products insect pests.

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