The proPlant expert decision support system for pest and disease management in oilseed rape


Abstract: The computer-based proPlant expert crop protection consultation systems offer assistance in making decisions on many problems in winter rapeseed. In autumn the system covers control of cabbage stem flea beetle and Phoma leaf spot (Phoma lingam) and growth regulator use. In spring it is possible to optimise insecticide applications with the aid of proPlant expert. With only few treatments a maximum efficacy can be reached against rape stem weevil and cabbage stem weevil, pollen beetle, cabbage seed weevil and pod midge.The proPlant expert porfolio contains a range of products and services meeting the different requirements of farmers, advisors, experimentation stations, schools, colleges and universities: Commercial farmers, advisers and experimental stations use the desktop version proPlant expert.classic. The software offers a maximum function range: The “regional consultation” includes comprehensive graphics for planning the running crop protection season but also for final overview (e.g. of field trials) by analysis of weather data regarding infection probabilities of Phoma leaf spot, conditions for migration and egg deposition of pests and conditions for the application of growth regulators expert.classic also offers a “plot-specific consultation” to evaluate the treatment need (depending on weather analysis and field data, e.g. variety, growth stage, last treatment, infestation) including an unbiased recommendation of suitable chemicals and application rates. In addition expert.classic contains information systems on varieties (rating of lodging risk and susceptibility to Phoma leaf spot) and chemicals (e.g. evaluation of the direct and continuing effect of insecticides). is the personal proPlant consulting system on the internet. Two versions are available: The farmers’ version focuses on plot-specific treatment decisions, provides a selection of chemicals that are suitable for application and computes optimum dates and rates for an application to ensure optimum efficacy. The advisers’ versionprovides plot-specific treatment decisions and a regional consultation with personalised warning service images and export for use of images in facsimiles or e-mails.The proPlant products expert.basic and are online warning services without field relation including proPlant prognoses derived from the analyses of weather data. Beyond Germany where multifarious plant protection services are provided together with different partners, proPlant partners also offer warning services in other European countries since several years.

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