The use of mass-trapping technique in an integrated pest management programagainst the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae)


Abstract: The Mediterranean fruit fly is a major pest in Citrus orchards. Its management isprimarily based on the use of pesticides with undesirable effects on the environment andconsumers health. In order to find alternative methods of management, a trial was carried outin an orange orchard c.v Valencia Late, situated at Mraïssa region (Cap-bon, Tunisia).Thistrial took place to test the mass trapping alone and inserted in an integrated pestmanagement. The McPhail traps at 40 units/ha baited with food-based synthetic attractants(Ammonium acetate, Trimethylamine and Putrescine) was used in the mass trapping. TheIPM combined mass-trapping, chemical treatment (deltamethrine) and regular collect ofdropped fruits. A regular control of the traps was done to follow the evolution of the capturesthus to inform about the medfly population’s level. The impact of the mass-trapping and theIPM on the production was evaluated by the weekly follow-up of the punctures rate. Atharvest, the control of the fruits showed that the integrated pest management ensured a betterprotection than the mass trapping alone with respectively 15 and 30% of punctured fruits. Sowe can conclude that mass-trapping must be a component of an IPM program to begeneralized on more important extents.

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