The Working Group „Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops“ is celebrating its 50th Anniversary


Abstract: The Working Group looks back at 50 years of successful work. The fruit entomologists are the pioneers within WPRS with respect to the development of integrated plant protection (IPP) and integrated production (IP) and their introduction into practice.Developments occurring during the early 1970s brought a change in the general approach reflected in the change of name in 1974 from “Integrated control in orchards” to the broader term “Integrated plant protection in orchards”. A further milestone was the establishment of the holistic concept of Integrated Production as has been described in the “Message of Ovronnaz” which should be considered as a historic landmark for IOBC as a whole.The publications of the WG reflect the broad range of its activities and its important function as scientific platform for information exchange and joint programs: 13 proceedings of International Symposia on Integrated Plant Protection and Production in orchards, 14 technical handbooks (brochures) and 41 WPRS Bulletins covering specific topics of the various subgroups. The first international symposium organised by the working group took place in Wageningen in 1961 with 36 participants from 9 countries, the most recent symposium was held in Avignon in 2008 with 250 participants and celebrating the 50th anniversary. Hundreds of experts have participated in the WG’s activities over the past 50 years. The impact of these activities on the development and application of IPP and IP in practise was and still is significant. Concepts and tools developed by the WG became not only general WPRS standards but have influenced significantly the international standards for Integrated Plant Protection. The WG has generated the approach and practical implementation of Integrated Production in the major crops of the WPRS region.A summary of important events is given in the following table. The full text of this historic review is published on the IOBC/WPRS homepage

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