Three new species of eriophyid mites on Brassicaceae weeds in Turkey


Abstract: Eriophyid mite species infest crops worldwide. Many are serious pests that causeconsiderable production losses, including species capable of transmitting plant viruses.However, other species have generated considerable interest in their potential use as biologicalcontrol agents of weeds. This study investigated eriophyoid mites on weeds in the centralAnatolia region of Turkey where wheat is grown extensively. Surveys were done in 112 wheatfields in Ankara and Nevsehir Provinces from 2010 to 2015. A total of seven weed speciesbelonging to the family Brassicaceae were collected during the study. Three new species oferiophyid mites from the genus Aceria were collected from Boreava orientalis, Myagrumperfoliatum and Sinapis arvensis; only one of the three new eriophyid species was collectedfrom each host plant. The new eriophyid species, which are described and illustrated, werevagrant on their host plants and no symptoms of damage were observed. Aceria n. sp. on S.arvensis and Aceria n. sp. on M. perfoliatum had the highest and lowest population densities,respectively.

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