Three years of combined control of Lasioderma serricorne and Ephestia elutella by attracticide method


Abstract: Results on application of attracticide method in the combined control of cigarette
beetle, Lasioderma serricorne and tobacco moth, Ephestia elutella, infesting a tobacco
processing facility are reported. Experimental devices with cross-panel stripes treated with
microencapsulated permethrin at 6 % (a. i.) and baited at same time with serricornin and TDA were used for 3 years (2017-2019) in an Italian tobacco processing facility. The experiment demonstrated that the presence of both serricornin and TDA dispensers on cross-panel striped devices had no effect on the numbers of L. serricorne and E. elutella male adults caught. After 3 years, the densities of adult males were clearly reduced in room treated with attracticide compared to control room. The reduction of male infestation by L. serricorne ranged from 36 % to 90 % and in E. elutella, the reduction of infestation ranged from 63 % to 91 %.

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