Tuta absoluta egg predation by Orius insidiosus


Abstract: The objective of this work was to determine the predation capacity of Orius insidiosus(Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) on eggs of Tuta absoluta under laboratory conditions. Males andfemales of O. insidiosus were exposed individually to different egg densities of T. absoluta (10,20, 40 and 60 eggs). Leaflets of tomato plants containing eggs of T. absoluta were kept inside aPetri dish (9cm diameter) together with the predator for 24h. The maximum number of eggs eatenby males and females of O. insidiosus was 19.1±0.24 and 32±0.33, respectively. At densities of10 and 20 T. absoluta eggs, consumption was similar for males and females.At densities of 40 and 60 eggs, consumption of eggs by females was significantly higherthan that of males. These data indicate that O. insidiosus might be a potential biological controlagent of T. absoluta.

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