Use of the predators Orius laevigatus and Aeolothrips spp. to controlFrankliniella occidentalis populations in greenhouse peppersin the region of Monastir, Tunisia


Abstract: The use of Orius laevigatus and Aeolothrips spp. to control Frankliniella occidentalisin greenhouse peppers in Tunisia produced different results according to predator species anddifferent doses and release frequencies. In the case of the predator bug Orius laevigatus, the mosteffective dose was 1 individual per m² repeated three times with an interval of one week.Although O. laevigatus releases caused F. occidentalis populations to decrease for only oneweek, the predator was able to become installed in the crop and to proliferate. In the case of thepredatory thrips Aeolothrips spp., no individuals were recorded in the pepper greenhouse evenafter the third release. However, the F. occidentalis population decreased to low average valuesof 0.42 and 0.06 thrips per flower as a result of the spontaneous colonization of individuals ofO. laevigatus from other greenhouses.

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