Usefulness of spirotetramat (Movento 100 SC) to control spider mites on apple, blackcurrant and raspberry in Poland


Abstract: Apple, blackcurrant and raspberry are economically important crops in Poland. Mites, such as European red mite, Panonychus ulmi and two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae are serious pests of fruit trees and bushes in Poland. Pest mobile forms pierce plant cells and suck out the sap, causing pale spots on leaves (visible on the leaf upper surface). More severe infestations cause distinct bronzing of the foliage and sometimes can lead to premature leaf fall. Nowadays, the control of spider mites in Poland is possible with few active ingredients: spirodiclofen, hexythiazox, etoxazol, fenpyroximate, milbemectin, abamectin, acequinocyl, tebufenpyrad, depending on the plant species. However, there is a constant need to search for new control measures against this pest, because some of the products might be withdrawn from the plant protection industry within the next few years. For the past few years the efficacy of new insecticide containing spirotetramat, Movento 100 SC has been tested for the control of mites occurring on apple, blackcurrant and raspberry crops.On apple, the efficacy to control mobile forms of mites obtained with spirotetramat, Movento 100 SC at the rate 0.75 l/ha/m of canopy height ranged from 84 to 100% at 1 to 6 weeks after treatment. On blackcurrant, the efficacy of Movento 100 SC at the rate 0.75 l/ha, in mite control ranged from 83 to 100%, and on raspberry it reached the level from 94 to 100% at 1 to 4 weeks after treatment. Immediate efficacy of spirotetramat is not very high (at 1 week after treatment), but the material in conducted experiments demonstrated very high long lasting effect, at least 5 to 6 weeks after treatment. The results obtained with the reference product, abamectin were similar to those obtained with the tested product, but better than those obtained with fenpyroximate and spirodiclofen. Spirotetramat controls not only spider mites, but also other pests present on treated plants such as aphids, eriophyids and midges. Movento 100 SC is also selective on beneficial insects. Numerous Coccinellidae (larvae and beetles), Phytoseiidae (larvae, adults and eggs) and larvae of Syrphidae were observed on treated plants.

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