VIGNETO: a GIS-based model to evaluate environmental impact of the Italian viticulture


Abstract: A novel global easy-to-use software named VIGNETO (Vineyard environmental impact indicator) has been developed to assess the environmental impact of the viticulture. Thesoftware VIGNETO can be used as a farm certification tool and as a decision support system for farmers and other administrators. It aims to evaluate the impact of the viticulture on water, air, soil, living organisms, biodiversity and society according to the OIV guidelines and to the sustainability pillars. For reaching this ambitious goal, VIGNETO is a web-based GIS fuzzy expert system based on 6 modules: pest management, manuring, soil fertilization, soil management-compaction, soil management-erosion, and landscape; that outputs 6 indexes that feeds a fuzzy machine. The fuzzy machine allows defining a judgment attributing values according the agronomic practices. VIGNETO reports two judgments because the indicator is calculated at the field level and after is upscaled at the farm level. The web-GIS system improves the user experience and in particular the data input management and the data visualization.

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