Worker exposure to plant protection products in the framework of the BROWSE project


Abstract: The BROWSE project (Bystanders, Residents, Operators and Workers Exposure models for plant protection products) aims to develop new and improved exposure models for operators, workers, bystanders and residents. Work package 2 (WP2) of the project deals with worker exposure. New conceptual and mechanistic models have been developed, taking into account dermal and inhalation exposure. Priority exposure scenarios to be considered within the BROWSE project have been identified. Cooperation with the cross-cutting themes on volatilization, transfer coefficients and statistical modeling ensures a consistent approach throughout the project. Implementation of the model and development of a user-friendly software tool are currently under development. The model will also be used to develop risk indicators and training materials (in support of the Sustainable Use Directive) and will therefore contribute to the sustainable use of plant protection products.

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