Integrated Protection of Stored Products


The group was founded in 1992. It comprises more than 100 scientists from about 30 countries of all continents.


The WG “Integrated Protection of Stored Products” organizes bi-annual meetings and activities related with co-ordination, co-operations and networking (COST Actions, EUREKA, ERA NET, International Working Conference of Stored Product Protection, International Congress of Entomology, European Congress of Entomology, International Plant Protection Conference, etc.)

The WG meets to discuss new findings regarding the following topics:

  • Biology of stored product pests
  • Methods of pest prevention during storage, transportation and handling
  • Semiochemicals, traps and other methods to detect stored product pests
  • All aspects of biological control
  • Prevention of microflora infection and development of mycotoxins
  • Physical, chemical and other techniques for stored product pest control
  • Wood-boring, urban, quarantine and museum pests
  • Futurology: overviews and future trends on all aspects of storage pest control


The proceedings of the group meetings were published in the IOBC-WPRS Bulletins:


stored products, Food industries, pests, natural enemies, prevention, monitoring, IPM, control, food safety, urban entomology

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