Launch of the New Website

IOBC-WPRS is proud to launch the new website

After 20 years, our website and web shop needed a technical upgrade and a redesign. A dedicated project team has been working for more than a year together with external web and communications experts to build a new website. It provides a fresh and mobile friendly overview about our non-profit organisation, improves navigation, and shows better the benefits of being an IOBC-WPRS member.

The design of the new website is more modern and intuitive. It features a clear structure with a simple drop-down menu on top of the page that is easy to use and easy to navigate.

Check it out at and enjoy an entirely new and streamlined user experience!

Important changes to your membership

Create a new password!

We have already transferred all member data to the new database. However, passwords cannot be transferred because of data security reasons. They are encrypted and not visible to anyone, including our back office. 
Therefore, please help us to finish the transfer process! Log in to the new website with your current Username (= your e-mail address) and create a new password.

Membership periods change to Calendar Year

Starting with 2023, IOBC-WPRS memberships will be valid for calendar year periods. This makes membership administration easier and aligns better with subscriptions to BioControl, which are tied to the calendar years.
During the transition phase in 2023, members with memberships expiring before end of June 2023 will be asked to renew for 2023, while members with younger memberships will only be asked to renew for 2024. Please contact the treasurer ( if you have any questions related to membership renewal or BioControl subscriptions.

Help us to improve!

Nobody is perfect… Your feedback is very important as we strive to develop a website that is valuable to you!

  • @Users: Please help us to eliminate any bugs in the new website and report such issues to the webmasterDo you miss anything? Suggestions for improving the content are always welcome.
  • @Members: Any suggestions on how to improve downloads from the web shop or membership administration are very welcome.
  • @Convenors: Keep the contents of your Working Group sites up-to-date and attractive. Especially, please send in new pictures representing the work of your group.

Please send your comments and inputs to

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