Kick-off Meeting of the EWRS Working Group on Biological Control

Re-establishment of the EWRS Working Group on Biological Control

Biological control of weeds is based on the exploitation of natural enemies and offers an environmentally benign, sustainable and cost-effective approach for weed control. Such approach is complementary to currently implemented control strategies and lends itself to being part of an integrated management strategy. In Europe the use of biological control in weed management has recently gathered moment with a number of European countries actively pursuing research into and implementation of this method.

As some might recall a Working Group on Biological Control under the framework of EWRS formally existed until 2016. However, its activities have very much ceased since 2013 resulting in this important research area currently not being covered within the Society. Hence an initiative to re-establish this working group is currently under way. It is planned that the scope of the group will include all aspects of weed biological control ranging from classical, inundative/augmentative and conservation to botanicals and plant-based products as well as mycoherbicides and mycotoxins.

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