Joint Meeting of IOBC-WPRS WGs “Integrated Protection of Soft and Stone Fruits” 

Signs and Realities

Harvesting the Future: Embracing the Synergy of Integrated Pest Management, Crop Technology and Organic Solutions in Soft and Stone Fruit Cultivation

The goal of the IOBC-WPRS Joint Meeting of the Working Groups “Integrated Protection of Soft and Stone Fruits”, organized by the National Institute of Horticultural Research, Skierniewice (Poland), is to present and exchange the latest knowledge related to the Integrated Fruit Production and Integrated Pest Management.

The event will be an excellent opportunity to promote collaboration between researchers, advisors and producers interested in: integrated and biological control of soft and stone fruit arthropod pests and diseases, new developments in disease and pest warning systems, organic fruit production, invasive and exotic fruit pests, weed management, pesticide resistance and side effects on beneficials, pesticides residues in the fruit food chain and much more…

To make the IOBC-WPRS Joint Meeting even more fruitful, we have planned to combine it with the ISHS IV International Organic Fruit Symposium and ISHS II Organic Vegetable Symposium! All events will share the pest management session and social activities, which shall provide a broader forum for discussion and exchange of ideas.

Proposed research topics

  • Integrated control of soft and stone fruit arthropod pests
  • Integrated plant protection of diseases in soft and stone crops
  • New developments and opportunities in disease and pest warning systems
  • Biological control of pests and diseases in fruit production
  • Organic fruit production
  • Chemical Ecology: application in IFP
  • Invasive and exotic fruit pests
  • Ecology of pesticides: resistance and side effect on beneficials
  • Weed Management
  • Application Technology
  • Pesticide risk indicators to assess the sustainable use of pesticides in IFP
  • Dissemination strategies in Integrated Production
  • IPM Guidelines
  • Pesticides residues in the fruit food chain

Download: First Announcement (pdf)

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