Third International Congress of Biological Control (ICBC3)

The International Congress of Biological Control is the flagship event of the International Organisation for Biological Control (IOBC) which promotes environmentally safe methods of pest and disease control.

The 2024 congress, co-organized by CABI and IOBC-Global, builds on the 1st International Congress of Biological Control (Beijing, 2018), the 1st International Conference of Biological Control (Bengaluru, 2018) and the 2nd International Congress of Biological Control (Davos, 2021).

ICBC3 will provide a platform for multi and inter-disciplinary biological control research and application. This congress will be co-organized locally by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica which promotes the use of biological control approaches as a sustainable method for the management of key indigenous and introduced pests.

This congress is unique in serving as a meeting point for scientists and practitioners who are working on a wide breadth of biological control targets including insect pests, plant and animal diseases, weeds and invasive vertebrates whether they use importation, augmentation or conservation as approaches and whether they are interested in basic science related to biological control or in improving applications.

Congress website:

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