14th Conference of the IOBC-WPRS WG “Integrated Protection of Stored Products” (IPSP2024)

Scope of the Conference

The objective of the Conference is to present recent research advances and new solutions and strategies in integrated pest management (IPM) of stored products,both durable and food-processing commodities. The emphasis is given on pestprevention, detection and biorational and non-toxic methods of control, with anultimate aim to prevent damages caused by insects, mites, pathogenic fungi, rodentsand birds, and reduce losses in the food chain.

The world of agriculture faces many problems with the increasing threat of climatechange, the need to feed an expanding world population, biodiversity loss, consumerdemands of high-quality products, pesticide restrictions etc. Even though post-harvestprocessing and maintenance is a significant part of the food chain, it has been neglected in comparison to “open field“ agriculture.

Our goal is to promote the use of sustainable, environmentally safe economicallyfeasible and socially acceptable methods for control of stored products of pests anddiseases, gather scientists from around the world and provide a unique opportunity toexchange knowledge and research results in this regard, as well as to communicate on a wide range of topics. The emphasis is given on IPM, as this pest management strategy addresses both environmental safety and socio-economicissues.

The congress is undoubtedly the ideal meeting place to network and interact, establish the starting point for future collaborations and breakthrough innovations in stored product pest management.


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