Call for Papers: Special Issue on Pre-Emptive Biological Control

Biological control is frequently adopted for sustainable management of invasive insect pests. However, the severity and imminent nature of new high-risk insect threats means that it would be advantageous if we could avoid waiting for a pest to arrive before adopting a biological control approach (i.e. augmentative and conservation). For example, a pre-emptive biocontrol approach provides the opportunity to select, screen and potentially pre-approve natural enemies prior to a pest establishing in the country at risk. The primary purpose of this Special Issue is to highlight the importance of pre-emptive biocontrol, and to collect scientific contributions addressing the concepts, applications, and its current status.

Guest editors:

  • Dr Gonzalo Avila – The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Dr Barbara Barratt – AgResearch Limited, Mosgiel, New Zealand.
  • Dr Kim Hoelmer – USDA-ARS Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Unit, Delaware, USA.
  • Dr Tim Haye – CABI-Switzerland, DelĂ©mont, Switzerland.

Manuscript submission deadline: 30th August 2024

More Information:

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