No War

Members and representatives of IOBC-WPRS are shocked about the war in the Ukraine and the unimaginable suffering of the Ukrainian people. As a scientific community, IOBC-WPRS has always strictly focused on the science and has not become involved in politics. It also believes in close cooperation and harmony between the people of all countries. However, this situation, especially the war against civilians, is unprecedented in the lives of generations of Europeans, and makes it impossible to keep quiet.

  • IOBC-WPRS believes in the peaceful settlement of any political dispute, all over the world. Not confrontation, but cooperation between nations will save this planet and the welfare of future generations.
  • IOBC-WPRS condemns the war of aggression against the Ukraine unleashed by the Russian government. We wish for an immediate cessation of hostilities.
  • The IOBC-WPRS community expresses its thoughts and sympathy with all those involved, the innocent Ukrainian civilians and the millions of refugees who were forced to leave their home and families, as well as the injured and killed victims among the soldiers.
  • IOBC-WPRS condemns the restriction of free speech and the policy of misinformation of the Russian government.
  • IOBC-WPRS supports the thousands of Russians, among them many scientists, who are risking their freedom when speaking up against war.
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