Dominique MAZZI

Short CV

Dominique Mazzi has been working at Agroscope as a research entomologist since 2014. At the site of Wädenswil (Zurich, Switzerland), she has been mainly concerned with the control of alien pest insects in horticultural crops. She has been leading a large national project on the control of the spotted-wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii and participates in several projects on other recently introduced insect pests. In a complementary line of research, she aims to predict the risks from pests under future climate change by using species distribution modelling approaches. She has recently relocated to the newly established research station specialized on alien invasive species in Cadenazzo (Tessin, Switzerland), where she will continue to apply the principles of evolutionary ecology to develop and implement sustainable integrated management strategies as well as proactive approaches to anticipate expected threats. She holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Berne (Switzerland, 2001). After post-doc stays in Sweden (University of Uppsala) and Finland (University of Jyväskylä) she joined ETH Zurich, where her focus narrowed on agricultural entomology as she developed research programs in the areas of biological control and invasion biology. She has been actively involved in teaching courses on the ecology of insects and pest management in agroecosystems.

She has attended several IOBC-WPRS WG meetings since the early 2000s. In 2021 she was elected as IOBC-WPRS Council Member.

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