A possibility of automated prediction of pests


Abstract: The integrated protection of pests is based on a precise prediction. The automated trapdeveloped and used by us makes it possible to observe the emergence of insects whose sexpheromones are known. The automated trap is a sex pheromone trap with a built-inmeteorological meter, combined with a computer system and a camera. The trap has been usedfor the monitoring of raspberry cane midge (Resseliella theobaldi) males in the last years. Bydeveloping this trap we aimed to make possible the continuous monitoring of the emergency ofthe pest, as well as the automatization of its prediction. Our experience shows that in theobserved species – presumably due to the high abundance of catches – the exchange of stickyinserts is required every three or four days. After the exchange of the sticky insert the males flewin a large number to the sex pheromone for two-three days, and then their flight stopped. Thephenomenon was also observed when the surface of sticky insert did not become saturated withspecimens. The prediction of the start of emergence of the pest can be solved with this trap.

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