Active cell phosphine generator SGF-M2 and fumigation technologies with its use


Abstract: Phosphine Generator SGF-M2 is an independent physico-chemical system. The fumigant gas, phosphine, produced by the generator, is injected into the object of fumigation through tubing as a result of the chemical reaction energy and generated pressure. The total time of phosphine gas (80 g) development is 2 hours for each generator. Fumigation of grain in a silo with SGF-M2 was carried out without grain transfer using the natural convectional airstreams, driving the so-called “fumigation wave” – a high phosphine concentration region produced by the generator. The “fumigation wave” method allows reduction of the fumigant gas use and shortening the exposure time. Fumigation of grain in hopper cars with SGF-M2 takes 15 hours only.

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