Adress® coupled with SIT: An integrated strategy to control Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata


Abstract: During 2008 and 2009, the efficacy of the combination of two medfly controltechniques, Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) and Adress®, was tested in three crops: citrus,stone fruit and persimmon. Two thousand sterile males were released per ha and week in thewhole trial area (50.000ha, SIT area). In 3600ha, inside of the whole trial area, 24 Adress®traps per ha were hung (SIT+Adress® area). Ten SIT+Adress® plots per each crop and 10 SITplots per each crop were assessed throughout the trial period. In order to evaluate theefficacy, the male and female population was monitored from August 2008 to November2009, injured fruit was assessed before harvest and the viability of the egg-laying was tested.Results showed an important reduction in the medfly population in plots treated with bothtechniques versus plots treated only with SIT. A reduction in the percentage of injured fruitin SIT+Adress® plots was observed and the viability of the egg-laying was also minor. Thesedata indicate the compatibility of these techniques and provide the possibility to use Adress®coupled SIT to reduce medfly population in locations with high medfly population, whereSIT is not enough to control Ceratitis capitata.

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