Are phenylpyrazole insecticides alternatives for organoposphate insecticidesto control storage pests?


Abstract: We have tested a new surface spray formulation of fipronil (Attracide 26 SC; fipronil26g/l) for its ability to control two species of storage beetles (Sitophilus granarius and Triboliumcastaneum) on four types of surfaces (paper, concrete, glass and wood) that can be encounteredin grains stores and food industry premises. We used permanent exposure on the surface treated1% concentration of Attracide 26 SC. The mortality after 96 hours exposure was as follows:S. granarius (concrete – 100% glass – 100% and wood – 100%) and T. castaneum (concrete –92%, glass – 63 % and wood – 78%). The results showed a high efficacy of the tested fipronilformulation on S. granarius while the sensitivity of the T. castaneum was substantially lower.

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