Dacus Trap®, a mass trapping system for the control of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae


Abstract: Field trials were conducted on olive trees (Olea europaea cv. Manzenilo and Picual) inKidron (Israel) and Jaén (Spain) to assess the efficacy of a specifically developed enzymatichydrolyzed protein (Dacus Trap®) against the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae (Gmelin). Theefficacy of Dacus Trap was evaluated in comparison with standard farm control strategies(chemical treatments), assessing olive fly populations and punctured drupes. The efficacy fieldtrials results showed that i) olive fly population levels in Dacus Trap plots were similar as thoseobtained in chemical treated plots, and ii) drupes punctures were lower on Dacus Trap plots thanunder the farm standard control strategies. The evaluated hydrolyzed protein helps to decrease thepest damage and maintain a similar efficacy levels to those obtained with standard chemicaltreatmentswith the added advantage that pesticide use is reduced or even unnecessary andconsequently avoiding toxicological risks for humans and negative impact on the fauna and theenvironment.

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