Distribution and abundance of Agriotes lineatus L. adults on pheromone trapsin four regions in Croatia


Abstract: The main aim of recent investigation was to determine the distribution and abundanceof Agriotes lineatus L. in four different regions of Croatia and correlate the abundance with theprevailed climatic conditions in each region. Investigation was conducted by the mean ofpheromone traps (Csalomon) on 17 fields grouped into 7 microregions and four regionsaccording to the climatic data. The average capture of A. lineatus beetles/field and the averagedominance index were the highest in County of Zagreb where the most humid conditions werepresent. Going to the east the amount of rainfall is decreasing and mean average capture ofbeetles and the average dominance indexes became lower. In County of Vukovar-Sirmium wherethe highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rainfall is present the dominance indexes werethe lowest and the species was classified as dominant or subdominant.

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