Distribution and abundance of Agriotes ustulatus L. adults on pheromone traps in four regions in Croatia


Abstract: During several years of investigations, the distribution and the abundance of Agriotesustulatus in four different regions of Croatia were researched with the aim to correlate theabundance with the prevailed climatic conditions in each region. Agriotes ustulatus was capturedby pheromone traps (Csalomon) on 17 fields distributed at seven localities in four differentregions in Croatia according to the climatic data. The highest dominance indices of A. ustulatuswere recorded in the warmest county, County of Vukovar-Srijem and species was classified aseudominant. Agriotes ustulatus was subdominant at locality Čazma where the averagetemperature was the lowest comparing to the other localities.

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