Experiences in applying Bacillus-based biocontrol agents in Chinese agriculture


Abstract: In frame of a Chinese German collaboration project we have performed extendedgreenhouse and field trials in several Chinese regions, different in their climate and soilconditions, to investigate the beneficial effect on crops and vegetables exerted by Bacillus-basedbioformulations. Distinct positive effects were obtained in treatment of maize, potatoes,vegetables, and ornamentals; however time and dosage of the applied bacterial spores did affectsuccess of the treatment. Whilst “coating” of maize seeds and potato tubers ruled out as a usefulmethod, vegetables and cut flowers were most successfully treated during transplanting. Thesuccess of the treatment did depend also from an appropriate concentration of the appliedbacteria. Too high concentrations are useless or harmful. In general, we recommend use ofappropriately diluted Bacillus formulations containing 2.5 to 5×1013 bacterial spores(corresponding to 1 to 2l Rhizovital®) per ha.

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