Flight monitoring and efficacy trials against Resseliella theobaldi in Switzerland


Abstract: The raspberry cane midge Resseliella theobaldi is a major pest of Swiss raspberries. Itspopulation dynamics were studied at three sites in the Valais over 5 years. Four to five generationswere observed at low altitude (400m) and three to four in the mountains (900-1060m). The firstgeneration started to fly in the end of April and the last individuals were captured in the end ofOctober. Between 2008 and 2010, the efficacy of thiacloprid and spinosad was assessed in order tofind a substitute for diazinon. Results for thiacloprid showed great promise. In conclusion,pheromone traps allow estimating the population pressure of the raspberry cane midge and helpdetermining the date of insecticide interventions.

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