Functional characterization of Trichoderma isolates antagonistic against Rhizoctonia solani


Abstract: The aim of the present study was to characterize sixteen isolates of Trichodermaoriginating from a field of sugar beet where disease patches caused by Rhizoctonia solani wereobserved, for their ability to antagonize the phytopathogenic fungus R. solani AG 2-2 strain G6.Production of water-soluble and volatile inhibitors, mycoparasitism and induced systemicresistance in plant host were investigated using in vitro and in vivo tests in disinfested and nondisinfestedsoils. This functional approach revealed the intraspecific diversity as well asbiocontrol potential of the different isolates. Different antagonistic mechanisms were evident fordifferent strains. The most antagonistic strain, T30 was identified as T. gamsii.

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