Harmful and beneficial entomofauna in Croatian orchards and vineyards


Abstract: The fauna investigation in Croatia has a long tradition. Key pests and their enemies inorchards and vineyards were identified as result of our long time investigation. Key pests andtheir enemies depend on plant, geographic and climatic zones. The main pest in pear orchards inSlavonia is Cacopsylla pyri. The main natural enemies that are able to control their populationare predatory bugs as: Orius niger, Pilophorus perplexus and Anthocoris nemoralis. The mainpests in Croatian apple orchards are Cydia pomonella, Leucoptera malifoliella and Dasineuramali. Natural enemies in apple orchards are bugs like Orius minutus and Anthocoris nemorum. Inour olive orchards, Chysoperla carnea is the dominant beneficial organism.In vineyards, investigation was carried out on side-effects of fungicides on the population ofPanonychus ulmi and on predatory mites, such as Typhlodromus pyri.

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