Impact of space occupation on the conservation of the holm oak (Quercus ilex) forestof Tessala (Sidi-Bèl-Abbès wilaya, Algeria)


Abstract: The impact of the space occupation on the forest ecosystem was studied in the holmoak (Quercus ilex) forest of Telassa. This forest, characterized by a remarkable phytocenoticdiversity, suffers important uncontrolled human pressures, which constitute a direct threat for therenewal of the living resources and the ecological balance of the zone. In order to betterunderstand the causes of the degradation of this ecosystem and evaluate the current state of itsspace occupation, an exhaustive diagnosis was carried out including: pedological, climatic, socioeconomicand floristic studies, and maps were drawn. The results clearly showed the impact ofbad space management on the natural ecosystem and notably an occupation in inadequacy withthe potentialities of each zone. On the basis of the data obtained, zones and sub-zones ofassignments were defined from the chart of space rational use we established with the aim atpreserving the holm oak forest.

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