Implementing Integrated Pest Management programmesin protected strawberry crops across Europe


Abstract: An overview of recent BCP Certis trial results in protected strawberry crops is given.The combined use of Neoseiulus species with Orius sp. successfully controlled Frankliniellaoccidentalis in French and Spanish trials. The timing of Orius releases to correspond withflowering, and the selection of Neoseiulus species according to temperature conditions, werecritical to success. Strategies used to control Tetranychus urticae in Northern Europe were testedin Spain. Three releases of Phytoseiulus persimilis from mid January established and controlledspider mites, reducing the numbers of pesticide applications required. In replicated plots, releasesof Neoseiulus cucumeris, applied to control thrips, significantly reduced peak numbers of spidermites, aiding control. With thrips and spider mites well controlled using Integrated PestManagement (IPM), aphid control was variable. Challenges included the range of different aphidspecies that attack strawberry crops as well as the lack of effective pesticides that can beintegrated with natural enemies. Initial trials using a mix of six different parasitoid speciesachieved good control against Acyrtosiphon malvae and Macrosiphum euphorbiae, without theneed for pesticide treatment in UK trials. When parasitoid releases were delayed, insecticidetreatment was required in a French trial against Chaetosiphon fragaefolii and Aphis pomi. Thedrivers for changing to IPM and feasibility of implementing cost effective programmes arediscussed.

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