Influence of rain protective tree covering on sweet cherry fruit cracking and decay


Abstract: Cherry fruit cracking induced by the rain and high humidity is one of the main reasons for the high incidence of fruit rot. Damaged fruits are not marketable due to poor fruit quality. Investigations were carried out two years (2011-2012) in collaboration with the Latvia State Institute of Fruit-Growing. Combinations of covering and fungicide applications were tested on two sweet cherry cultivars: ‘Iputj’ and ‘Krupnoplodnaja’. The most common fruit rot in the experiment was brown rot (Monilinia spp.) and gray mold (Botrytis cinerea). The incidence of decay was higher in the uncovered area what was associated with a heavier cracking. Observations showed that the number of fungicide applications under the covering could be reduced till one time per season what is important aspect for the integrated production.

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