Investigations on root fly control in Germany in 2010


Abstract: Several experiments on the control of root flies were conducted in 2010 on JKI field stations at Braunschweig and Berlin. White radish and Chinese cabbage were used as test crops for the control of cabbage root fly [Delia radicum (L.)] and carrots for carrot fly [Psila rosae (Fabricius)], respectively. As a chemical control against adults, spray applications in short intervals during flight activity were tested. The products contained acetamiprid (Mospilan® SG), chlorpyrifos (Gigant® 480 SC), rynaxypyr (Coragen®), cyazypyrTM (DPX-HGW86), spinosad (SpinTor®), or thiamethoxam (Actara®) as active ingredients. The spray treatments were partly combined with a drench of the same product at the beginning of the cropping period. The effect of seed-coating with chlorfenvinphos (Birlane Fluid®), chlorpyrifos (Gigant® 480 SC) or clothianidin plus imidacloprid (Sepresto®) on root fly attack was also investigated,. Furthermore, in 2010 two types of vertical fences, one of which was impregnated with deltamethrin, were tested to prevent root flies from invading the crop. As a biological control agent, field releases of the predator Atheta coriaria (Kraatz) were investigated.

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