IPM of aphids in vegetable field crops in Albania


Abstract: Different methods were used to control aphids on field tomato crops during 2007-2008. The trials consisted of monitoring the key pest aphid species using yellow sticky traps andevaluation of the effectiveness of the insecticides acetamiprid, thiamethoxam, and azadirachtin.Infestation levels on tomato foliage were also recorded. Regular monitoring showed that aphidswere very active from March to July in the Mediterranean climate of the study area. The firstpeak in aphid numbers caught on yellow sticky traps was reached in the middle of April. Afterthat, there were three more, smaller, peaks until the end of the season. Sampling tomato foliageshowed that 2% of leaves were infested at the start of sampling but aphid numbers reached theeconomic threshold for treatment one week later. Two foliar applications of acetamiprid, appliedtwo weeks apart, starting at the beginning of aphid colonization, provided better aphid controlthan thiamethoxam and azadirachtin.

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