Management of the honeydew moth by mating disruption in vineyard


Abstract: Cryptoblabes gnidiella is a lepidopteran species, which has increased noticeably in the last few years in different crops in the South of Europe, especially in pomegranate, kaki and vineyards. The scarcity of products for its effective control along with the extended use of mating disruption for other coexisting species, such as Lobesia botrana in vineyards, makes crucial to develop an alternative based on the use of pheromones for the management of this species. Therefore, the efficacy of mating disruption with the dispenser CRYPTOTEC, at two different doses of dispensers per hectare, was tested in a plot of vineyards in the south of France. The results accomplished so far, show the effectiveness of the dispensers tested, and therefore the mating disruption as a possible strategy in the management of this species.

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