Mating disruption of the olive moth (Prays oleae, Bernard) in olive groves using aerosol dispenser with synthetic sex pheromone


Abstract: Mating disruption of the olive moth (OM), Prays oleae (Bern.) (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae), using its sex pheromone Z(7)-14:Al was tested for two successive years in Andalucía (South Spain) olive groves, to evaluate the efficacy of mating disruption (MD) to control the OM from first to third generation. Pheromone trap catches, percentage of leaves and olive fruits infestation were measured in both MD and untreated control olive groves. The reduction of attraction of male adults to pheromone traps was significantly lower in the MD treatment plots. Fruit damage in the MD plots was significantly lower compared with the untreated plots. Results of two-year field trials carried out in Andalucía demonstrated the potential of Mister P X841 aerosol devices as effective tool to control the olive moth Prays oleae.

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