Minimizing resistance in stored grains with web-based real-time phosphine concentration monitoring


Abstract: Procedures and solutions have not evolved and expanded to adequately address
worldwide grain storage needs. Effective grains storage does in part require proper phosphine
fumigation application. This is often not achieved as existing phosphine sensors are obsolete,
or inadequate to properly address the requirements needed to assure grain quality. There is no secured, traceable to compliance proof of measures taken in phosphine fumigations. Fumigation fraud is rampant worldwide.
The importance of phosphine in the preservation and protection of food, feed, seed, and
fibers is well documented allowing unfettered food production, processing, and security. The
international grains supply chain’s need is simply to have a demonstrable effective fumigant
and use it safely. Proof is now needed to repair past practices and confirm regulatory
compliance. Fumigations failing to provide operational transparency and efficacy proof will
result in regulatory limits in phosphine use and continued perceived phosphine resistance.
There needs to be definitive proof in real time that a sufficient lethality of the target pest(s)
is achieved as concentration over time (CxT). Spectros Instruments’ web based cognitive
analytics, available within multiple phosphine hardware platforms, remove the guesswork
and effectively de-risk pest management. Correct fumigation concentrations and treatment
durations are confirmed. Real time monitoring predicts fumigation success or failure,
issuing early warnings to end-users.

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