Monitoring the flight dynamics of raspberry cane midgeResseliella theobaldi Barnes by pheromone traps in Western Serbia


Abstract: The flight phenology of raspberry cane midge Resseliella (Thomasiniana) theobaldiBarnes (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) was monitored over two successive years (2006-2007) inraspberry open fields at two sites, Arilje (Zlatibor district) and Djeradj (Moravica district). Thiswas the first time that large white delta traps baited with the raspberry cane midge sex pheromonewere used in these provinces. No insecticides were used during the monitoring period in theexperimental plots. The traps were set up on 11 April 2006 and 4 May 2007 in Arilje and on 26April 2006 and 23 April 2007 in Djeradj. Throughout the investigated period the midge presencewas detected from April-May to September-October. During the two years, there were variationsin numbers of midges caught per trap, as well as in the total numbers of midges trapped acrossyears and in peak numbers per trap. The highest total number of midges during the season (4876),the highest average number of midges per trap in a sample (395.5) and the earliest maximumcatch per trap (309.5) were recorded in 2006 in Djeradj.

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