Morphometry and biology of a new anthocorid Montandoniola indica,a potential predator of Gynaikothrips uzeli


Abstract: A new anthocorid predator, Montandoniola indica was recorded for the first time as apredator of Gynaikothrips uzeli infesting Ficus retusa in Karnataka (India). The morphometryand biology of this predator were studied. M. indica nymphs and adults could be reared on UVirradiated eggs of the rice moth Corcyra cephalonica. The feeding potential of M. indica nymphwas 27 C. cephalonica eggs and in the case of adult male and female, 38 and 56 eggs,respectively. The adults of M. indica were provided with thrips and pollen in addition toC. cephalonica eggs, for better survival. The adult male and female longevity was 23 and 31days, respectively and fecundity 37 eggs per female.

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