Neu 1184: A new bait to control the Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata)in rice cultivation


Abstract: The tropical sweet water snail Pomacea caniculata (Golden Apple Snail) from SouthAmerica was introduced to Asia as a potent protein source. Unfortunately this snail failed as afood source but was released into the environment and has become a serious pest in ricecultivation. An economical relevant damage occurs through the feeding of the snails on theyoung leaf tips of rice plants within the first 14 days after transplanting or emergence of theseedlings. Besides mechanical protection methods various chemical products, most of themwithout an official registration, are currently used to control the Golden Apple Snail. Moreoverbaits with the molluscicidal active metaldehyde are applied. The company Neudorffmanufactures and sells slug baits (Ferramol, Sluxx) with the active iron phosphate for the controlof land slugs and snails. In order to evaluate if the active iron phosphate has also a potential tocontrol the Golden Apple Snail a rearing system for this aquatic snail was established anddifferent tests system were developed. The formulation of the current bait was optimized for thecontrol of aquatic snails. The new bait is stable in water and thereby suitable to control aquaticsnails like the Golden Apple Snail. Own tests have shown that the new bait is as efficacious ascurrently sold metaldehyde baits. At present comprehensive field tests are under way in Asia toassess the efficacy of the environmentally friendly iron phosphate bait in rice cultivation.

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